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What can ERGOPOWER Powershift Transmissions provide for graders?

With the ERGOPOWER WG 115-210 ZF supplies the transmission technology for graders to the benefit of vehicle manufacturers and drivers alike. Efficiency and handling have been improved. The torque converter enables optimized working at low vehicle speeds. The optional torque converter lock-up clutch facilitates fuel savings at higher speeds.

Graders must adapt to the most varied ground conditions quickly and impressively. Optimum weight distribution for achieving maximum tractive effort is one of the primary requirements. To master difficult conditions in the working routine, smooth movements in conjunction with a high pulling power are decisive for excellent working performance and for overcoming high material resistances.


  • 6 forward/4 reverse gears
  • Lock up clutch for direct drive available
  • Applications up to 21 t
  • Speeds up to 50 km/h


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